The system allows Grower Companies to carry out their countable ends through the Accounting Invoices feature according to the taxation legislation of each country. This article explains how to set up the Accounting Invoices option.


Once you have a resolution number provided by your tax authority you may activate this option with the following instructions:

Go to Setup >>Settings.

Under Order Entry options, click on Accounting Invoices.

The Accounting Invoices screen will open. Check the option Accounting Invoices

To add a consecutive, click on the Setup a New Consecutive option.

Add the countries, invoice prefix, invoice numbers , starting on date and expiration date (if it applies) invoice prefix and resolution number. Make sure that the status is Activated.

Click on Save and verify the information. Note that it is possible to edit or delete consecutive invoices already generated.


Before using the Accounting Invoice option, make sure of set up the countries. read the article Configuración de Países for further information.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Setup of a grower company.