In this part of the system the freight cost for hard goods PO's can be added. Freight costs for hard goods can be added when creating a Standalone PO.

Adding the Freight Cost for Hard Goods on PO's:

Go to Purchase Orders >Add PO.

Click on Standalone POs.

 Fill in the information requested: Vendor, Carrier, Truck Date, Vendor Ship Date and Customer, add special instructions to the PO if needed and Click on Save.

 Select the Hard Goods tab and select the product, put in the ref # and quantity and click on Save.

 Click on "Add Additional Charges" under the PO general order information, put the Freight Charge and Close.

 You will then see the additional charges applied on the PO, this will show on the order when you print it, as shown below.

Download here an example of the PO.


Be aware that the Standalone POs are not linked to Prebooks.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Procurement Manager, Procurement User.