Komet Sales allows you to easily add and manage your hard goods inventory. This section will walk you through the entire process (inventory management and pricing).

Adding Hard Goods Inventory

To start adding products to your hard goods inventory please follow the steps below:

Go to Inventory > Inventory Summary and click on the "hard goods inventory" link. Click on the green "Add Inventory" button to add items to the hard goods inventory.

 The "Add Hard Goods" window will pop up, select the Product Vendor combination to add, choose the Arrival Date and fill in all other information requested. Add notes to the product if applicable. 

You have the option of entering the UPC number either per box ir unit. If the information is changed here, it will apply to future transactions for that specific product. Finally, click on Save.

The system will add the line to the hard goods inventory where you can perform additional actions under the "Actions" column:

  • Edit: This option will allow you to change any of the information previously entered.

  • Open Item: The system allows you to open any product box in order to sell the product by units.

  • Print UPC labels: UPC labels can be printed directly from the hard goods inventory. You can print labels either for units or boxes.  Download here an example of the UPC labels.


Prices for all hard good items can be done from the pricing page; however, keep in mind that the pricing update through the Pricing page will not affect the currently available on-hand hard goods inventory found under Inventory Summary, but instead will only apply to all confirmed hard goods product from then on. Another difference between the hard goods and live goods pricing page is that the hard goods version does not reflect the actual inventory, instead, it will consolidate all the items that were previously added to the Setup > Products screen.

To manage hard goods prices follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Inventory > Pricing and click on the "hard goods products" link.

  2. Use the tab key or the up and down arrow keys to navigate between columns and set prices, costs and discounts as needed.

These prices will be set for the items entered into the hard goods inventory.

Export to Excel

The list of hard goods items can be Exported to Excel, in order to do so follow these steps:

Go to Inventory > Pricing  click on "hard goods products" link.

 Use the "Search" button in order to find the information you need to Export to Excel.

 Click on "Export to Excel" when you have searched for the correct information.

 The file will then be downloaded to your computer.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Sales Manager, Inventory.