The system allows Grower and Company users to substitute assorted items in a PO for items from Vendor Availability.This option is for growers and company users that need to substitute items on PO's using the Grower Portal in a Purchase Order with Assorted Composition when the Prebook was created using Vendor Availability items. Once the user creates the Prebook from the Vendor Availability, the system will automatically generate the Purchase Order as the vendor has the product available.

Add Breakdown from Vendor Availability


To have this option enabled:

  • Vendor users should have their availability uploaded.
  • For Company users, the company must enable the option to buy using Vendor Availability items.

When vendors need to make changes to the product breakdown on a PO, the system will show a link that will allow them to make changes using items from Vendor Availability. Please keep in mind that the Unit Type, the product, and date should match the Vendor Availability information.  


To make substitutions go to

Grower Portal > Confirm PO > Search for the PO and within the Actions column select Substitute Item.

A pop-up window called Edit Item will appear. The user will find a new link called Specify Breakdown from Vendor Availability where the user has the option to edit or add breakdown from Vendor Availability to that Purchase Order.

 Vendors can add notes to the line if needed by clicking on the Add notes link. 

 The user can add items from the breakdown faster by using Keyboard Shortcuts

 When entering the breakdown information, a consolidated view of the products will be displayed for users to find the product needed faster. Also, you can use the filters to find the product needed.


The product's aging will only appear if the company has this setting activated. To have this option activated contact Komet Sales Support.

 Once the user edits the breakdown information, the system will automatically update the information within the Prebook and Purchase Order. 

 The breakdown items will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Here, the user can delete the breakdown from the Actions column if needed.

 Once the user is done adding items, a blue "V" will show next to the product indicating it's from Vendor Availability, as shown in the image below.

 Click on Save.

 The system will show a blue V before the product name and you can verify the breakdown by clicking on the star icon.


  1. The system will show the "Specify Breakdown" and "Specify Breakdown from Vendor Availability" links. However, when the user selects a product from one of these options, the other link will disappear.
  2. The user will not be able to add a breakdown item from the "Specify Breakdown" and the "Specify Breakdown from Vendor Availability". The user can only do either of all.
  3. The system will show the products from Vendor Availability according to the information selected in the Prebook, such as truck date, etc.



If a Purchase Order is linked to a Prebook the user will be able to see the product that was substituted by hovering the mouse over the Subs link once the order is confirmed. However, if the Purchase Order is not linked to a Prebook the user will not be able to see the product change, but the farm can still add notes to inform the company about the change made when substituting the product.