This article provides a checklist that might be useful for companies that have passed through the implementation process.

If your company is planning to go live on a Monday, keep in mind the following:

  • The Sales Team has until the previous Friday around 3pm to enter sales records from the old system. Make sure they don't start selling with Komet until the physical inventory process is carried out (on Saturday or Sunday, previous to the go live date).
  • Upload the invoices and the open credits into Komet Sales (using the Data Import feature).
  • Authorize Komet's Team to erase your data from Komet Sales on previous Friday.
  • On Saturday morning, upload your inventory from the old system to Komet Sales. This can be done through the Data Import feature.
  • Once the inventory is correctly uploaded into Komet, print the inventory labels from the Grower>>AWB Summary. Remember to use the sort option according to your boxes positioning (by box type, AWB, vendor, etc).
  • Stick the labels into all the boxes within the warehouse.
  • Use the option 3 of the scan gun to carry out the inventory process. Make sure that all the boxes are scanned from the Shipping>>Inventory screen. Search for any box pending to be scanned, and if they cannot be found, delete them from the system.
  • Once all the boxes are completely scanned, give the  sales team the green light so they can start entering new orders in Komet.
  • Remember to inform the warehouse team they will have to reprint labels of boxes to be shipped without Komet Sales labels for a couple of days.

Make Sure that on Previous Sunday:

  1. The box dimensions are completely set up.
  2. The EDI for Armellini, Prime and Florida Beauty is correctly configured.
  3. The Remote Printers feature is set up.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure that a procurement users are constantly reviewing the Confirm POs screen and making sure that everyday orders are confirmed and shipped.
  • Remember to make sure that salespeople are constantly reviewing the Fulfillment View screen, tracking the orders statuses.