If you want to review the actual availability of your future inventory, the Future Stock tab may be useful since this screen provides useful information about the products already allocated, products still available, etc. This article explains which type of information you can find here.

To Open the Future Stock Screen


This screen is available for users with Procument, Procument Mananger and Admin roles.

Go to Purchase Orders>> Add PO.

 The system will open the Bulk Purchasing Mode.

 Click on Future Stock. The system will open the Future Stock screen.

  1. This screen displays all the Purchase Orders with Future Sales customer already shipped from farm or confirmed.
  2. Products already received on the Staging Area will not be listed on this screen.
  3. This screen only lists products for Open Market Inventory.
  4. The max. date range to search for the availability of products is one week.
  5. The max. date range between the ship dates of the products is one month.

Color Indicators

When a product line has more than 50% percent still available, the boxes Available and Units Available columns will be highlighted in green. When the lines has from 11% up to 50% available, it will be highlighted in yellow. If the product lines has from 1% to 10% of availability, it will be highlighted in red.