The system allows automation of the freight billing process so that all freight components are automatically added to invoices as items are being sold.This will allow customers to receive an invoice which will include both the cost of the items and freight costs.

First of all, the Outbound Freight should be setup from the Setup Settings. 

After you have set up the Outbound Freight, you will need to set up the Customer Cube Rate. This will allow the users to set up a cube rate on carriers that are not set as the default carriers for any given day.

If this setting is enabled the system will not allow users to confirm the orders until all of the items within the order have had their dimensions set up.

 Instructions to Set up "Block order confirmation with no box dimensions" Warning


Go to Setup > Settings.

Under Order Entry click on "Order Entry Options".

 Enable or disable the option "

Click Save. 

Box Dimension Updates

As items are being added to an order, the system will automatically adjust the freight charges on any additional item. There will be one additional charge for each of the freight items:

  • Freight - Fresh Cut
  • Freight - Plants
  • Freight - Hard Goods

The system will have to recalculate the freight charges on any of the following events:

  • Item is added or removed.
  • Item quantity is changed.
  • Carrier is changed.
  • Customer is changed.

Calculating the Freight Charges

As items are being added to the invoice the system will check the current freight charges for the carrier and for the customer and will apply the existing fuel surcharge based on the item type (fresh cut, plants or hard goods).



Once a box dimension is added or updated, the system will automatically update the dimensions for any items that are on any orders that have not been confirmed.  This will ensure that no past items are changed when dimensions are added or modified.