The Free Shipping process allows warehouse staff to scan boxes, using the Free Shipping option on the scanner, as a faster shipping option.

Once the labels are scanned Komet will mark the box as Shipped. 


This option must be used with caution.


Here are the steps to ship using the Free Shipping option.

Select option "4" (four) on the scan gun.


 Enter the Password as requested, if this option was enabled.

The password is added by the administrator of the company, without the password this option will not work, if enabled. Refer to Free Shipping - Password. for details.

 Scan the Shipping label.

 After scanning the first shipping label, continue with the rest of the boxes.

 When done scanning the user can go back by selecting the option  "0" (zero) and then press "Enter". This will then send the user back to the previous menu.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Scanner