Users have the option to filter by multiple locations when searching the Prebooks in the Bulk Purchasing mode.

  • Users will be able to select all the associations related to them.
  • The system will remember the filters applied next time the user logs in.
  • The user must select at least one location.
  • If the user selects several locations and creates a Purchase Order, the system will take the Prebook location.
  • Keep in mind that the system only allows to select one location when the corporate filter is applied.
  • Only one location can be selected while creating mixed boxes.
  • In case you select one location, you will be able to find information up to 8 months between the Truck Date From and the Truck Date To. In case you select more than one location, the difference between both dates cannot exceed one month. 


Go to Purchase Orders > Add PO.

The system will open the Bulk Purchasing Mode.

In the location filter select the desired locations.

Click on Search.