Company users can download the Komet Sales inventory to a CSV file so it can be uploaded to the FTD website.FTD is a company that receives the inventory availability of other companies through a CSV file and publishes it on their webpage so it can be sold online.


There are two ways you can download the file from Order Entry and Reports tab.

Follow these steps below:

Go to Order Entry >> Order Summary.

Click on "Availability Reports".

A list of availability reports will appear, select "FTD Availability - CSV".

The "Availability Reports Confirmation" window will pop up, select the date range for the information that will be included in the report.

Click on "Download".

FTD Availability - CSV from the Reports tab

Follow the steps below:

Go to Reports > Inventory Reports.

Filter the inventory dates.

Click on the "FTD Availability - CSV". An excel file will be downloaded immediately.