This section contains general questions that could be useful during warehouse management processes.


How can I return a box?

 There are two different ways to return a box:

  1. By Deleting a Product Line from an Invoice: The box is automatically returned back to the inventory provided that there are not payments applied. If any payment has been applied to the invoice, you must cancel the payment first and the you can proceed to delete the payment.
  2. By processing a Customer Credit: Notice that there is a option to return the product back to the inventory in case the product is still suitable for sale. Once you check this option and save the credit, the system will be returned to the inventory with a new box number (the older box code will remain associated to the invoice credited).

Switching warehouse, what can I do?

If your company is considering moving to a different handling company this article will provide a list of items that you need to take care of in order to have a successful transition.

Warehouse Setup:

The following items need to be setup in Komet by a System Administrator:

  1. Setup a new shipping / inventory user in the system following.
  2. Setup a new scanning user in the system.
  3. Create a new integration token (when required and needed by the warehouse) with access to the needed methods. 
  4. Update the Armellini and/or Prime EDI options based on the accounts that will be used during the shipping process. 

The Following Items Need to be Setup by the Handler:

  1. Setup the printer(s) for remote printing following the Printing Component and How to print using Remote Printers articles on our Knowledge base.

  2. Set up the Scanners with the user/password provided. 

  3. Provide the public IP address that will be used by the scanners (please contact Komet Support to process this request).




Establish the dates the cut off from one handler to the next will take place and notify Komet accordingly.

What specifications do labels have in Komet Sales

Barcode labels are used within Komet and printed by Vendors and Warehouses. All of the system labels are designed to be printed in 4" x 3" labels. Since labels are generated as a PDF file, these can be easily printed using any barcode label printer. Due to the amount of labels printed on a daily basis in any operation, companies should consider using an industrial level barcode label printer to operate more efficiently.

POD is not working

In case you have the POD enabled, but the files are not being processed, please follow the next steps and try again:

Make sure that the POD component in turned on by contacting an IT professional. They will verify that the Java process is running or a service name KometPODUploader-PRODUCTION is ongoing.

In case the POD component is turned on, it must be restarted by the IT professional.

Make sure that the POD numbers within the Pending folder have the next structure: invoice number.pdf ("pdf" must be in lower case).

If the POD still does not process files, contact us so we can help you. The support team will ask you for the log (Located on c:\temp or c:\windows\temp, file named kometsales_pod_process.log).

Cannot Send Shipping Information Through EDI

There might be a variety of reasons why shipping information cannot be sent through EDI.

Boxes already sent

If the following message appears, that means that the boxes had already been sent so it's not necessary to do anything.

Shipper Account: M000372
Found Boxes: 602
Processed Boxes: 602
Shipper Response: 4/21/2017 12:00:00 AM Successfully Uploaded 0 of 602 Boxes

Boxes no found in Shipper System

If the next message appears, Komet successfully sent the boxes but they were not processed by Shipper's system. In this case, we recommend to retry.

Shipper Account: M000372
Found Boxes: 500
Processed Boxes: 0
Shipper Response: 4/21/2017 12:00:00 AM Successfully Uploaded 0 of 500 Boxes

In other cases, please contact our support team letting us know the error message that appears on the screen.