This section provides answers to common questions related to procurement processes, Purchase Order Management, Vendor Processes, among others. 


The PO Summary status does match with the status of the Grower Portal>>Confirm POs screen?

Not it does not. Both statuses are independent, even if they are for the same order. As a procurement user, you should track the status displayed on the Grower>>PO Screen.

The statuses displayed of the PO Summary Screen are for internal use within the company:

On the contrary, the statuses displayed on the Grower>>Confirm PO screen are the statuses set by the growers for their Purchase Orders.


How do I know which Prebooks are associated to a Purchase Order?

In order to know which Prebooks are associated to an Standing Order, go to Purchase Orders>>PO Summary. Use the available filters to find a given PO. Click on the details button. The system will list all the Prebooks associated to the Purchase Order.

When several Prebook items in units have been associated to a single item within a PO, the system will display three dots after the prebook number. By hovering the mouse over it, the system will display the details:

How to create a Purchase Order anywhere on the system

The system allows to create Purchase Orders anywhere on the system by pressing Ctrl + P. The Single Purchasing Mode will window open. Proceed to create the Purchase Order.