Komet Sales allows exporting in an Excel file the information on the PO Reconciliation screen.


To export the report follow the instructions below: 

Go to A/P > PO Reconciliation. Using the filters search for the information to export.


If you want to export to Excel information on purchase orders with hard goods into an Excel file, use the Product Type filter and select hard goods.

 Click on the "Actions" button and then, click on the "Export to Excel" link.

The Excel file shows the information on all the columns that can be viewed on the PO Reconciliation screen (plus the Mark Code and Vendor Accounting Code). Please note that the report will not limit itself to the columns that you have selected to view on this screen.

You can also Send the PO information to the External System if you have integrated it with Komet Sales. For further information please read External Accounting System & Quickbooks Integration with Komet.

Multilocation Companies

Users of multilocation companies can filter by several locations at once. These filters are taken into account in Export to Excel and Send to External System options and will be remembered next time the user login into the system.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Accounts Payable, Procurement, Procurement User.