The system allows users to export an Excel file with the information on the AWB Reconciliation tab. This report can be generated in two different ways in order to include only relevant information for your company.



To export the report follow the steps below:

Go to "A/P" tab > Click on "AWB Reconciliation" tab > Using the filters find the information to export.

 Click on "Export Details" button.

Send Report window will pop up. The system will ask you about cost components to be included in the report. There are four options available: All, Freight, Handling, and Duties. Keep in mind that these options work as filters, so if you select for example Duties, the system will include only the registers per AWB having duties.

The next step is to select the way how you want the report to be generated. There are two available options: Detailed and Consolidated. If you select Consolidated, the report will group per AWB and invoice # the registries having Freight, Handling or Duties in a single line. Download here an example. If you select Detailed, the system will display a single line for each cost component, even if they belong to the same AWB. Download here an example.

 Enter the email address where the report should be sent. Once entered, click on Save.

The report will be sent to the email provided by the user. The Excel file shows the complete column information on the AWB Reconciliation page. The system takes into account the search filters used by to generate the information on the report.

This report will include the following information

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Accounts Payable.