The system allows to set limit prices for some of your products offered through e-commerce. The discounts set here will be associated to a product and a given carrier (and location, in multilocation companies). This option works for On Hand and Future Sales inventory types.


Go to Inventory>>Pricing.

Click on the option set limits for e-commerce prices.

The system will show a list of products for which a limit price on e-commerce has been set.

Click on Add Limit Price. Enter the product, carrier and location for which you want to set a limit price.

Enter the Limit Price at which you want the product to be sold for the carrier and location selected.

Click on Save to finish.

Once the limit price has been set up, and a given user enters the e-commerce and selects the carrier associated to the pricing limit, the system will make sure that the price displayed does not exceed the limit price set.


If the customer is set as FOB , the system will compare the suggested sales price versus the price set here and then will add the freight and fuel surcharge to the lower price of the two compared. After this calculation, the system will apply the E-commerce markup for the customer, if set.