Komet Sales allows E-commerce customer users to create product packs through the E-commerce portal. Only the E-commerce user signed in Komet Sales E-commerce can set up the Product Packs. To have this option enable refer to Customer "Advanced" Setup.


Keep in mind this option will only work if the Vendor Availability is activated. For more information refer to Configuring E-commerce Settings.


To set this up follow these steps:

Sign into Komet Sales with your username and password.

Select the company you are going to work with if you work with more than one company.

Go to My Account > Product Packs.

Select "Add Product Packs" green button. 

The Add Product Packs window will pop up to add a new product pack.

Fill in all the information required and click on Save.

To edit a product pack already set up, go under the "Actions" column and click on Edit.

All product packs that had been previously added to the Customer Account will show for the customer user that is signed into the E-commerce Portal.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action:  Buyer (e-commerce users having the Allow changing custom Product Packs option enabled).

The E-commerce user can create or modify the product packs including the "Custom Fields" for each product separately.