Komet Sales provides the ability to connect with DWF Wholesale so your inventory is automatically sent to DWF and you can start receiving orders directly from DWF into your account.


  • The inventory synchronizes every 5 minutes in DWF so it is possible that inventory that does not exist anymore in Komet, still appears in DWF.
  • Invoices created through the API may have 1.5% of transaction fee based on the invoice amount.

How does this option work?

By using some of the available API methods, you, as a Company that uses Komet Sales, will be able to synchronize your open market inventory (on hand or future) with the DWF system. Once an order is placed in  DWF with one of your products, an invoice or prebook will be created in your Komet account automatically.

  1. You have open market inventory available (on hand or future) to be sold to your DWF customer.
  2. Your inventory will be synchronized and sent to DWF system every 5 minutes.
  3. Final Customer buys products from the DWF website.
  4. Once the final customer checks out the order, the system will create an invoice or a prebook in your Komet account (Using the API methods web-order.create and web-order-item.add) Your sales rep proceeds to confirm the order.


How to set up the Integration?

This integration must be set up in three different moments: create the tokens type customer,  secondly, obtain the customer ID, company ID and location id (multilocation), and lastly, send the tokens and the customer IDs to DWF.

Create the Tokens

To activate this integration, we need to create two different type of tokens, tokens type company and a token type customer.  Follow the next instructions to create those tokens for DWF and once it's done, send this token to the DWF team so they can integrate their DWF account with your Komet account.

 Go to Setup>>Settings.

 Click on Tokens, under Integrations settings.

The tokens window will open. Click on New Token.

Enter the token description, select Customer in the Token Type dropdown menu and proceed to check the following API methods:


Make sure you enter the customer that corresponds to DWF in your system while associating the tokens type customers methods, as in the next image:

Repeat the above explained steps for the token type Company. Make sure of selecting the following API method:

Copy the token composed of numbers and letters to send it to DWF. Click on Save.

Obtain the Customer ID

DWF needs the customer ID that represents DWF in your account. To obtain this, follow the next instructions:

Go to Setup>>Customers.

Use the available filters to search for the DWF customer.

Click on Export to Excel.

In the Excel file, copy the Id column.

Obtain your Company ID

DWF also needs to know the Company ID that represents your Company in Komet Sales. To obtain this, follow the steps bellow.

Click on the app's icon at the top right-hand side corner of the screen .

Find the Company Id under the Komet Connected logo.  Copy it and save it for later.

Obtain the Location ID (Multilocation Companies)

DWF needs the location ID of the locations associated to the customer that represents DWF in your account. To obtain this, follow the next instructions:

Go to Setup>>Locations.

Click on Export to Excel.

In the Excel file, copy the ID from the last column.

Send the information to DWF

Proceed to send the created tokens and the customer ID to the DWF team so they can set up the integration.

  • Customer Token
  • Company Token
  • Customer ID
  • Company ID
  • Location ID (In multilocation companies)


In case you want to have this option enabled, please contact us.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Setup (token generation process).