Komet Sales allows you to set certain information to be viewed based on your customer's accounts.

List Options

To set this options, follow the instructions below

Go to Setup > Settings > Customers > Customers Settings.

You will have two options in the List Options to activate: 

  • Show city name.
  • Show customer code.

 In the Sales Screens section you also will have two options:

  • Mandatory selection of Ship To if customer has multiple 
  • Sales and E-commerce users will be restricted from updating Ship To information

 Check the option(s) that you want to activate.

 Click on Save.

Customer Settings for Multi-Locations Companies

To set the customer options for multi-location companies follow the steps below

Go to Setup >> Settings .

 Click on Customers >> Customers Settings.

 You will have two more options in the List Options to activate: Show customers only associated to Main location and Allow filtering by Customer's Main Location.

 Check the option to activate it. Finally, click on Save.

Available Options

Show customers only associated to Main location: By activating this option, when filling out the customer field through the creation of Standing Orders, Prebooks, Purchase Orders or Invoice Orders the system will display by default all the customers that have that specific location previously selected as the Main Location within the Customer account. Also, you will have the option to change the customer account options being displayed to "Show all the customers" associated to the location, not necessarily just those that have this location set as the Main Location.


To select the main location for a specific customer account, please refer to Customer Account "Advanced" Setup.

Allow filtering by Customer's Main Location: Once this option is activated, a filter called Main Location will be available on the  A/R>>>Aging/Statements, A/R>>Open InvoicesAssociate Automatic Additional Charges, and Associate Customers to Price List screens. This filter will display all the customers whose main location setup is the location selected.

On the Add Automatic Additional Charge screen, the system will display the same filter, in order to list all the customers having the selected location as main location.