Customers can have certain packaging requirements that are different from other customers. The system allows adding these to each customer as needed.


Product packs will only be taken into account in the Vendor Availability Module.

Customer Product Packs


This option will help you to set default product packs per customer. To do this:

Go to Setup > Customers > Edit on the actions column to the right of your customer's name. The customer dashboard will pop up.

 Click on the Product Packs tab. If the customer doesn't have any pack associated, click on the Here link to start adding custom packs to that particular customer.

The Customer Product Packs Information window will pop up. Type in the information required: category, product, box type, unit type, factor, etc and click on Save.

Factor for E-commerce

The factor determines the quantity or percentage which a given product, in a specific pack, fills in box type. This option will be useful for companies having the Vendor Availability activated for E-commerce.

 Your product pack is now added and ready to be used.

 If you need to add a new product pack follow the same steps as above and simply click on "Add a New Product Pack", then Save.

The advantage of setting packs per customer is that whenever you are adding units from the vendor availability to a prebook, the system will calculate the boxes that you can add based on the units posted by the vendor and the pack preference for that particular category and product.