The Credit Summary screen provides detailed information about the credits issued for your customers. This article explains what options users have available from this screen.

Available Filters

There are several filters available, just click on the Search button and apply the filters in order to search for specific credits. For example, you can search for order number (if the credit is associated to an invoice), credit number, credit date, status.


  • By clicking on the gear icon, users will be able to choose which columns you want to display.
  • Users will be able to filter by credit number (the prefix CM is optional).

Actions Column

Notice that from the Actions column, there are several actions you can perform for a specific credit:

  • Approve, Reopen, Submit for Review: These options depend on the credit status.
  • Print: This option will download a PDF file with the credit details. Download an example here.
  • Email: This option allows you to enter an email address to send the credit information as well as a PDF attachment file with the credit details.
  • View Details: Once you click on this option, you will be able to see the credit details and edit them.

Detailed Credit Report

The Detailed Credit Report is an excel file that contains information about the orders and the credits placed for them. The report contains information such as credit number, description, accounting code, credit units, credit amount, reasons, approved by, approved on, vendor code, customer code, AWB, unit cost, return taxes If any credit is created for an additional charge, the system will also include it in separate lines.


Go to Order Entry>>Credit Summary.

 Apply the filters to find the credits you want to appear in the report.

 Click on Export Details. The system will ask you to enter an email address to send the report. Click on Send to finish.

 Download an example of this report here.

Credit Statuses

The Credit Summary screen displays the next statuses:

  • New: Once you open any given order on the Add Credit screen, the status will change to new, even if the user does not add any credit. A new credit can be created by a Sales, Sales Manager and Credit Manager user.
  • Pending Review: once the user clicks on Submit for Review in the Add Credit screen, the credit will change its status to "Pending Review".
  • Approved: this status is shown once the Sales Manager approves the credit.
  • Rejected:  a credit will show this status once the Sales Manager rejects it.
  • Resubmitted: when a Credit Manager or Sales Manager user reopens a credit, this will be its status.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this actions: Admin, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations, Credit Manager.