(lightbulb) Welcome! This guide is designed to get you started on processing payments from your customers using credit cards.

I want to set-up to process credit cards payments in Komet. What do I do first?

Enable the integration: You just have to mark the “Enable the Clearent Integration checkbox from the settings screen.

Apply for a Clearent Account: Fill out our credit card information page so one of our Business Specialist can get in contact with you.

Negotiate Rates: You will be contacted by Clearent to negotiate your own rates.

Let us do the work: We will obtain security keys to activate your account.

You are ready to go. At this stage, you can start processing card payments from Komet.

Preload credit cards: Go to the customer setup window and enter your customers’ credit card information. This is optional, since you can save this information while processing a payment. Multiple cards can be stored.

Set up physical terminals: Go to Accounts Receivables Settings>>Credit Card Terminals window and set up your terminals. Multilocation companies will need to set up different terminals for each location.


If you want your salespeople to be able to receive credit card payments from the Order Entry Screen, enable the setting Allow to receive payment upon confirmation (available per location, in multi-location companies).  You may also enable the Require Payment Upon confirmation setting to make payment mandatory for a specific customer.

I want to process a credit card payment from the A/R screen

Once the setup process is completed , users with access to the Accounts Receivables screen will be able to receive payments with credit cards, either In-App or using a POS terminal. Follow the instructions explained on the article How to Receive a Payment with a Credit Card.

I want to process a credit card payment from the Order Entry screen

To receive credit card payments from the Order Entry, click on Pay & Confirm (this will depend on the settings enabled). Read the article How to Receive a Payment With a Credit Card (Order Entry Screen) for further information.

I want to refund a credit card payment

If for any reason you must process a credit card refund (chargeback) on a payment made through this integration locate the payment record in Payment History.  In the Actions column select “CB” (chargeback) follow the prompts.

I want to change/adjust a credit card transaction

You cannot “adjust” an authorized credit card transaction.  But maybe shipping needs to cut a box and the customer wants to have his Credit Card charge adjusted to the new invoice value.


Go to  A/R >> Payment History and locate the payment.

From the Actions column chargeback (CB) the payment.  

The order can now be cut. Once the invoice has been adjusted, process a new credit card payment for that invoice(s).


If the original payment paid more than one invoice, all invoices will be charged back and would need to be included in the new payment.

I want to close my day.

Each day it is important to reconcile Komet transactions with the Clearent settlement that will go to your bank.  In Payment History, run the Payment History Report and in the Clearent Virtual Terminal run the Batch report for the same date range.  Verify that both reports match exactly to ensure that Komet and Clearent transactions are in balance, enter this reconciled value into your accounting system as a deposit and your bank account will easily reconcile at month end.