Ad Hoc views provide the quickest and most dynamic way to analyze the data from your transactions.

Getting Started

Login to the BI Platform

  1. Login to the JasperSoft BI platform (https://bi.kometsales.com/jasperserver-pro/).
  2. Enter your company ID, user and password.

Creating an Ad Hoc View

To create a new Ad Hoc view follow the steps below:

Click on the "Create" > "Ad Hoc View" menu option.

Expand the "Public" folder until you see the "Sales & Cost Topic" topic.  Select that and click on the "Crosstab" button.

About the "Public" folder

Please note that the system stores the "Sales & Cost Topic" under the "Public" folder. The system automatically filters the information that belongs to your company.

Drag and drop the fields and measures from the left hand side to the Columns and Rows on the top of the page. Once you've chosen your fields change the dropdown from "Sample Data" to "Full Data".

Save the Ad Hoc view.

To learn more please visit the official Jaspersoft Documentation.