The AWB (Air Waybill) refers to a receipt issued by a cargo agency for goods and as evidence of the contract of carriage. Shipments in the system will be identified by the AWB number associated to each PO of each vendor. 


Once the Purchase Orders are confirmed:

Go to www.kometsales.com and click on the "Log in" button.

 Enter your username and password. If you do not have login information, please contact the company you are processing the order for in order to be provided with such.

 Once logged into the system on the "Select your Company" window, select the company needed.

 Go to Shipping >> Click on Add AWB button.

 Enter the Ship Date. Then select the AWB number from the list or enter it manually (if allowed). If you do not have the AWB number, contact the cargo agent in order to get the AWB number for the shipment. Click on Save.

Saving the previous information will open the House AWB window. Please select the correct House AWB. If you do not have the House AWB number, contact the cargo agent in order to get the House AWB number for the shipment.

 A window called Pending Orders will pop up, select the PO line items that will be shipped under that AWB and House AWB numbers. 

 To add them to the AWB, click on the Add Selected button. Once you finish adding the line items, close the window to continue. 

Once you verify the AWB shipment previously created, close the window by clicking Done.


Print Shipping Labels

The user has the following three options to print the vendor shipping labels:

  • Labels can be printed by clicking on the Print labels button, located on the top right-hand side of the Add AWB screen, the system will automatically generate the labels with the information required for each product line item. 

  • The other option to print the labels is by going to Shipping > AWB Summary > Use the filters to find the AWB that you need to print the labels for > Once you find the AWB go to the Actions column > Select the option Print Labels.

  • To print labels the user can also click on the actual number link under the Printed or Not Printed column.


     The system allows printing AWB's labels even if the AWB is temporary. For doing that the setting Allow users to confirm temporary AWBs in the Staging Area screen must be enabled from the Inventory Options.


The system will group products within an AWBs with the same Port of Origin, Ship Date and AWB number.