The system allows you to create as many Standing Orders as you need, you just need to follow these quick instructions. 

To create a Standing Order, follow these steps:

Click on the Prebooks & SO’s tab and click on the Add Standing Orders tab.

 Enter the customer name. Remember that after the first three characters the system will display the customers that match.

 Select the Carrier and choose the Recurrence:

  • Enter the weekly frequency (e.g.: every 1 week, every 2 weeks).
  • Select the day frequency within a week.

Select the "Start date" and select the "End date" if needed, keep in mind that this end date can be left blank for orders with no end date. Click on the “Add special instructions or comments” to add notes to the order. If you want, you can also add notes for the invoice which will be transferred to the Prebook and then to the invoice once the product is billed.

 When finished click the “Save” button.

Please note: When you select "Future Sales" as a customer and the inbound carrier is selected, these values are added automatically to generated the PO.


Adding Items to the Standing Order

After the Standing Order header has been created you can now add items to the order.


Enter the vendor name (optional). This is for customers that request items from specific vendors.

 Enter the product name. To search for the product you can use any combination of the product name. Examples:

    • “roswhit60” will search for all 60 cm white roses.
    • “cdngreen” will search for all green cdn.
    • “red select carn” will search for all red select carnations.
    • “akito” will search for all akito varieties.

If you would like to add an assorted box to specify the product breakdown do as follows:

    1. Enter the assorted product description.
    2. Enter the number of boxes.
    3. Select the box type.

    4. Enter the unit type. This will be used to calculate the total dollar amount. 
      Bunch: The system will calculate the total with Boxes x Bunches x Price.
      Stem: The system will calculate the total with Boxes x Bunches x Stems/Bunch x Price.

    5. Click on Specify Breakdown
    6. Enter the product description, bunches, Stems/Bunch, Cost and Price (the price is applied to the unit type). The system allows you to set a Default Unit Type per product on your Komet product list. When you add that product to a Prebook the system will automatically display the Unit Type already configured. To set this option for each product, refer to Default Unit Type for Products.

 Click “Add notes” to add any item notes (e.g.: cut, sleeve color, etc.).

Repeat the steps for each item that you want to add to the standing order.


Standing Orders Items Without Price

You are allowed to create a SO without a price and when it is saved, a red icon is displayed in the "Price" column. Please see below:

This information is also displayed in the Prebook and POs:


If the item of a SO is entered with no cost (null), the system will not generate that item on the PO. However, if the SO item is entered with a cost of $0.00, the system will generate the PO with that item.