A Prebook is a pre-sale or commitment between the company and your customer where the company agrees to provide the products to the customer on a previously specified date. You can create a Prebook anywhere in the system just by pressing Crtl+E (Please read Common Actions With Prebooks for further details).



To create a Prebook, follow these steps:

1) Create the Prebook Header

Enter the Customer name. (Remember that once the first three characters are entered the system will display the customers that match.) Notice that the customer information will appear, including the payment methods, credit information and shipping adress.

 Select the Truck Date and the Carrier.

Select a Ship To if it is required.

 Select the Ship Via, either by "Warehouse" or "Grower".

 Select the Salesperson.

 Add special instructions or comments if needed.

Click on the “Save” green button.


  • The system, by default, will associate the salesperson to the order based on the salesperson that has that customer assigned and whether Fresh Cut or Plants are being sold. 
  • If the Salesperson Code setting is enabled and the salesperson has a code set up, under the Add Prebook screen, the field for Salesperson Code will appear to select a code from. Also, if under the settings there is a code selected as Default, the system will automatically default to that specific code. For more information on how to setup a Salesperson Code, please read the following article: Setup Company Users & User Options.
  • The salesperson logged into Komet Sales who is entering the order is assigned as the salesperson as long as the Associate the logged user as salesperson setting is enabled within Setup > Settings > Prebook Settings
  • The user is allowed to override the salesperson that was entered previously on the Prebook by changing the Salesperson field; if the Allow salespeople to change the salesperson of the ordersetting is enabled within Setup > Settings > Prebook Settings.
  • Mark codes can be added as soon as the product line has been added to the Prebook.

Each location will have the option to enable or disable these settings to override the salesperson. For details on how to please review:

Single Location: Prebook Settings and Restrictions

Multi-Location: Prebook Options-Multiple Locations 

2) Add the items to the Prebook

After the Prebook header has been created items can be added to the order.

Enter the "Vendor" name (optional). This is for customers that request items from specific vendors.

 Enter the "Product" name. To search for the product use any combination of the product name. Examples:

  1. “roswhit60” will search for all 60 cm white roses.
  2. “cdngreen” will search for all green cdn.

  3. “redselectcarn” will search for all red carnations.

  4. “akito” will search for all akito varieties.

Enter the number of "Boxes"

 Select the "Box type".

 Enter the "Unit type". This will be used to calculate the price amount.

    1. Bunch: the system will calculate the total with Boxes x Bunches x Price.
    2. Stem: the system will calculate the total with Boxes x Bunches x Stems/Bunch x Price.  The system allows for a Default Unit Type per product to be set on the Komet product lists. When that product is added to a Prebook the system will automatically display the Unit Type previously configured. To set this option for each product, refer to Default Unit Type for Products.

 Enter the number of "Bunches""Stems/Bunch" and "Price" (the price is calculated based on the unit type).

 Click on the green "Add" button on the right-hand side. The item will be added to the bottom of the grid.

 Repeat the previous steps for each item that you want to add to the Prebook.


Prebooks with recipes will be identified with a blue star icon. Assorted products can have recipes in its breakdown.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Sales, Allocations, Procurement Manager.