Vendors can create Purchase Orders in units based on Prebooks.

 Creating a Purchase Order from Prebooks in Units



Please make sure that the following requirements are met so the line item can be added to a PO:

  • The Prebook line item needs to be in units.
  • It needs to have a Vendor assigned.
  • It needs to have a Cost assigned.
  • It needs to have a Ship Date assigned.

Login into Komet Sales with your vendor user and password.

 Go to Purchase Orders > Purchase Order Summary > Create New Order.

 A new window will pop up. From this window, you can add items to Create Purchase Orders or Build Boxes from Units. From this second option, you can add solid or mixed boxes.

In order to build solid boxes, click on the "Add Solid Boxes" link. The Solid Boxes from Units window will display. From this window, you can use the filters for adding specify products. Then, click on Add for a given product line.

 The Add Items window will be displayed. Complete the information and click on Save.

 The PO will be created based on the information of the product added. Notice that you can continue adding items even with a different date set if that happens the system will ask for a confirmation before allowing you to add the boxes.

Close the Solid Boxes from Presold Units window to finish. For adding Mixed Boxes, read Build Mixed Boxes from Presold Units in Vendor Portal. Once you have finished, click on New Order if you want to continue creating new orders.


In Multilocation Companies

While you are adding units to build solid or mixed boxes, you can filter by location as well, but in no case will the system allow you to add products coming from different locations on the same PO.