This article explains some common actions users can perform with credits such as transfer customer credits to vendors, approve or reject credits, as well as reopen credits.

Common Actions

Transferring Customer Credit to Vendor Credit
  • While creating a customer credit based on invoices, the system allows you to transfer the customer credit to the vendor, even if the credit is already approved. To do so, click on the arrow icon in the Actions column once you are in the Add/Edit credit window. Once the vendor credit is created, a message will appear on the bottom right othscreen.


To continue with the vendor credit verification, the user needs to have a Quality Control or Administrador role. For more information on this, please read Company User Roles.

  • The system will create a Vendor Credit based on the information of the customer credit. Notice that the system will calculate the flower credit amount by multiplying thunits cost by the credit units.
  • Once you review the credit details for the vendor, click on Save and if needed Add a QC inspection. For further information on this please read Vendor Credits.

Credit Additional Charges

Users can apply charges to boxes, Units, and additional charges to each of them. For applying a credit to additional charges follow these steps:

Go to the Order Entry tab and choose "Add / Edit Credit".

 Use the filters to Search for the order that is going to be credited.

 Select the desired tab (Boxes, Units or Hard Goods).

 Click on the Additional charges link.

 The Additional charges window will be displayed with all the additional charges available (for further information, go to Additional Invoice Charges). Enter the desired amount and hit the enter key to confirm.

Once the credit has been submitted, the Credit Manager will be able to approve it.

How to Print a Credit

Follow the next steps to print a credit in PDF.

Go to the Order Entry>>Credit Summary.

 Use the filters to Search for the credit that is going to be printed.

Go to the Actions column and click on Print. Download here an example.

How to Edit a Credit

Follow the next steps to edit a credit.


The credits must have one of the following statuses to be able to be edited: New, Resubmitted, Pending Review.

Go to the Order Entry>>Credit Summary.

 Use the filters to Search for the credit that is going to be edited.

Go to the Actions column and click on Edit. The system will open either the standalone credits screen or the credit based on invoices screen, where you will be able to edit the credit information.

Tip: Invoice Details

When you click on Invoice Details, in the Actions column for a particular order, the Order Details window will be displayed. From this window, you can see the order details in boxes, units, and hard goods and even choose the columns you want to see by clicking on the gear icon (click on the image to see the window detail).