Post your Open Market inventory on Carlstedts through Komet Sales. Keep in mind that in order to make this work, you will have to obtain the FTP Host, Username, Password and Path from Carlstedts directly.


To set the Carlstedts Integration, please follow the steps bellow

Go to Setup->Settings.

 Under Integrations, click on the Carlstedts Integration option.

 Check the "Enable" box and fill the FTP information.

Notice that the system allows to set up additional information for the synchronization process.

  • Customer: You can select a customer so the system carries out the synchronization process by taking into account the pricing information of a specific customer such as Price A, Price B and markup prices. The E-commerce Markup setting will be ignored. By leaving this field empty, the system will allow you to enter a Markup with its corresponding type, which will apply to all the synchronized inventory and then price will be the Price A of the inventory line.

FOB price

Keep in mind that if the customer selected has been set as Show FOB Price, the system will only consider the Fuel Surcharge if this is enabled. The Outbound Freight will be ignored.

  • Aging: You can enter here the aging range that the products must meet to be considered in the synchronization process.
  • Min Qty Inventory: You can enter the min product quantity needed to execute the synchronization process for a given variety.



For Multiple Location

The integration can be enabled or disabled per location.   To do so, simply go to Setup>>Settings and click on the "Locations" tab, select the specific location. Under the Integrations section, select "Carlstedts integration" and enable the feature by entering the FTP information required.


The inventory synchronizes every 5 minutes in Carlstedts so it is possible that inventory that does not exist anymore in Komet, still appears in Carlstedts.