In this article we explain key concepts to start using Business Intelligence platform available for Komet Sales users.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a tool that let’s you easily detect and analyze critical information for your organization. Essentially, Business Intelligence collects external and internal information, and all the data is stored in a database, where it can be organized and summarized according to your needs. All that information allows you to have a framework to support your decisions about your company’s processes.

How does Business Intelligence Work?

Komet Sales has an integration with JasperSoft, a user-friendly platform that allows you to collect all the data you add to our system and organize it to draw helpful conclusions.

What Type of Reports Can Users Generate?

Users can generate reports on any topic with a domain available. The screens from where users can generate reports are explained on Where to generate Business Intelligence Reports in Komet? 

What is a Domain?

A domain is a set of data available for users so they can generate reports on a given topic. The main domains Komet Sales has available are:

Credits Totals

Credit Overrides

Credits Details

E-commerce UsersFresh Cut Products

Hard Goods Products

Inventory in Boxes
Inventory in Hard GoodsInventory in Units
Lost Sales OpportunitiesOpened Boxes

Order Taxes


Price List

Price Overrides
Purchase Orders in FlowersQuality Control Inspections

Receive Inventory

Sales in Boxes

Sales in Hard Goods

Sales in Units
Sales TotalsShipping
Sowing ControlStaging Area in Boxes
Vendor Availability

Warehouse Pullers

AWB Reconciliation
What is the first step to generate a report?

Before you start generating reports, we recommend you to create ad hoc views, which are default reports that users will be able to edit once they are set up. Once you create ad hocs views, users will be able to generate and event schedule predetermined reports in an instant from the screens explained on Where to generate Business Intelligence Reports in Komet?.

I've just generated a ad hoc view but it does not appear in Komet...

In those cases, you must clear the caché with the Refresh button that appears in the Reports/Dashboards screen.


For more information, review the Jaspersoft documentation on this site.