The Bulk Purchasing Mode allows the creation of multiple purchase orders from presold units for different vendors at once.


Product Line Item Consolidation

Komet Sales automatically consolidates all the identical items pre-sold in units as long as the following is met: same truck date, ship via option, product description, and same unit type. 


The system will not consolidate items when the setting Prebooks in units must be billed as boxes is on or the Prebook lines has notes.

Follow the steps described on the Creating Multiple Purchase Orders Using the Bulk Purchasing Mode article.

For Prebooks items in units that have been consolidated, the system will show an ellipsis (...) icon, when hovering over the ellipsis multiple prebook numbers and customer names for that line item will be displayed, as the system automatically groups similar units based on same truck date, ship via option, product description, and same unit type. 

About the notes:

Prebook items having notes associated won't consolidate. Notes that have been added to a Prebook product line item in units will also appear in the Bulk Purchasing screen when the cursor is hovered over the blue icon. Please see the image below:

Bulk Purchasing Mode Units Consolidation Feature

Additionally, when the Units Consolidation feature is enabled in the Bulk Purchasing mode screen, the Prebook line items in units will be consolidated based on the range of the Truck Date From and Truck Date To filters applied on this screen. The consolidation of these units will take into account the criteria selected. The are three options to separate the items:

  • By Product and Truck Date: the system will group all the lines with the same product and with a truck date between the Truck Date From and Truck Date To filters applied on this screen.
  • By Product: the system will group all the lines with the same product, regardless the truck date.
  • By Product and Customer: the system will consolidate all the lines with the same product and customer in one single line.

To enable this feature, follow the steps below:

Go to Purchase Orders > Add PO. Notice this option is available both from the Pending and Inventory tabs.

 Click on the Options button on the right hand of the screen.

A pop-up window will appear, check the box to enable Units Consolidation and click on Close

In the Bulk Purchasing screen, the procurement user also has the ability to build mixed boxes from pre-sold units.  Please refer to the Build Mixed Boxes from Pre-sold Units in the Bulk Purchasing Mode article for more information,

Fill From Future Open Market

If the company has the Future Sales setting enabled, the system will display the option to fill the prebook with the Future Open Market Inventory by clicking on "Fill From Open Market" option within the "Actions" column drop-down arrow. To learn more about this refer to the Fill From Future Open Market article.

Purchasing Additional Items

When the Future sales setting is enabled, you can purchase additional items to those that appear in the prebook. Once you confirm the units amount and it is greater than the required in the prebook, the system will ask you to confirm the action. Those additional units will be added to the Open Market Inventory unless you enable the setting Prebooks in units must be billed as boxes, for more information please read Automatic Billing & Allocation Options.

Available Units Validation

Finally, before creating a new PO for products in units, Komet Sales will automatically validate if there are existing Open Market units that may be used to supply the purchase need. When the cursor is in the Qty field and the product line can be filled with an Open Market product, a message will popup as follows:

 Fill from On Hand Inventory (please read Allocations for further information)

Fill from Future Inventory (please refer to Fill From Open Market for further information)

When you click on Fill it the next window will be displayed for continuing the Allocation process either for products on Future Inventory or On Hand Inventory.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Procurement Manager, Procurement User.