There are several actions you can perform in the Bulk Purchasing Mode. This article explores some of those options.


Mass Update from the Bulk Purchasing Mode

You can set massively the Vendor, Carrier, Ship Date, and the cost for multiple Orders at once. To do so, select the Prebooks lines to be updated and click on the Mass Update button. 


The Export to Excel option, in the Actions button, can be used for multiple lines since it works based on the search criteria used; this means this action will affect all of the line items that result from a search if the user chooses to use this option.

PO Creation Based on Inventory Availability

From the Bulk Purchasing Mode, you can allocate products both from the Future Inventory and On Hand Inventory. For more details please read Allocation Process from the Bulk Purchase Mode.

Additional options

The following options can be found under the Actions column:

    • Add: This option will add the item to a new PO or an existing PO if these conditions are met: the PO must have a "PA" status (Pending Approval), same Vendor and Ship Date. If the system doesn't find a PO that matches the status, vendor and ship date information a new PO will be created.

    • When clicking on More actions, the options Work On, This product cannot be sourced,  Weekly Average Cost, Fill from Open Market, Frequent Vendors, and tags will be available.

    • By clicking on "Custom Fields Gear Icon," this will show the Cut PointSleeveNotes, and Characteristic that were entered for that product line item in the prebook order (if applicable).

Please take into account this information when using the "Bulk Purchasing Mode":

  • The system will createPO's only for those items that have all fields completed.
  • If the search results are displayed in more than one page, the system will apply the actions performed using the available buttons to all of the line items resulting from a search, not just the ones on the page that can be seen.
  • Even when jumping from tab to tab, the system will save all the information that was entered.
  • If you enable the setting Use standalone POs when creating POs linked to Prebooks, the system will link the POs created using the Bulk Mode with a PO already created as Standalone with the same Vendor, Ship Date, Locations (For Multi-Locations Companies) and Carrier (For companies with Inbound Truck Freight Active). This is for companies that want to send only one PO to the Farm. To enable this option, please refer to  Purchase Order Options.
Bulk Purchasing- Color Coding Lines

 The system displays a color indicator that gives you information about the date and time of the Prebook creation. This is only done when the setting for Show highlighted lines of the Prebook based on the creation date is enabled.  For more information please refer to the Purchase Order Options.

Once activated, the system will highlight the prebook with a color based on the date and time of the Prebook creation.  If prebooks were created within the last hour, they will be highlighted in red;  between one and two hours they will be highlighted in gray, while items created within more than 3 hours will be in yellow. By placing the cursor over the Prebook number, users will see additional details.


Once a Prebook is highlighted (regardless of the color) and a user clicks on the line, the system will automatically remove its highlighting. If a user edits a detail within the Prebook, the system will highlight it again.

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Bulk Purchasing Mode

In order to improve navigation in the Bulk Purchase Mode, there are several shortcuts available. Below is how they work.

1) Once you are in the Bulk Purchasing Mode click on Would you like to be faster on this page?

2) The system will display all the key combinations you can use to perform frequent actions per product line. If you are using a Mac,you can also press cmd instead of Ctrl.

Export to Excel in the Bulk Purchasing Mode

The system allows users to export the information filtered in the Bulk Purchasing Mode. To do that, please follow the next steps:

Go to Purchase Orders>>Add PO

 In the Bulk Purchasing Mode (which is the default mode) Use the available filters in order to search for your POs.

 Go to the Actions gray button and click on Export to Excel.

 The system will generate a report of the product needs according to the filters applied (and it will include tags and notes).

Custom Columns in the Bulk Purchasing Mode

The system allows you to choose which columns should be displayed in the Bulk Purchasing Mode. To do that, go to Purchase Orders>>Add PO, click on the gear icon next to the Actions button.

Check or uncheck the boxes you want to be displayed and click on Save.

Mark Prebooks with Tags from the Bulk Mode

The system allows associating other tags according to your company's needs. This action can also be carried out while creating or editing a Prebook line. Read How to Associate Tags to Prebook Lines for further information.

Go to Purchase Orders>>Add PO. The system will take you to the Bulk Purchasing Mode. Select the PO line you want to mark with a tag.

Go to the Actions column and click on More Actions for the selected PO line. Then click on tags (You can also use the keyboard shortcut G+T, please read Keyboard Shortcuts for the Bulk Purchasing Mode for further information).

 Type the desired tag, hit the space bar, enter other tags (if you need to) and click on Save.

Now the PO line is marked with a blue icon. By placing the cursor over the icon, you will be able to see the associated tags. 

Corporate Tags

Please note that regular tags are identified with a blue icon while  Corporate tags (in multilocation companies) are marked with a gray icon:

Print Distribution Labels

The system allows printing Distribution Labels for Prebook items from the Bulk Purchasing Mode. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to Purchase Orders>>Add PO. The system will open the Bulk Purchasing Mode.

 Use the available filters to find the Prebooks for which you want to print the Distribution Labels and select them.

Use the available filters to find the Prebooks for which you want to print the Distribution Labels and select them. 

 Select the Printer name (or the PDF downloading option) and click on Print.

Once you print the Distribution Labels, they will look like the next ones:

Vendor Product Aliases

Users are able to add product aliases on a per vendor basis by activating the Vendor Product Alias setting from the Purchase Order Options. The product aliases set up will appear on the PDF of the Purchase Orders and on the Vendor Shipping Labels. For further information read Vendor Product Aliases.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Procurement Manager, Procurement User.