Users can build mixed boxes from inventory products which are in units, these will be added to the order when the user is invoicing.

Keep in Mind

The setting Allow Building Boxes from Units must be enabled.


Follow these steps:

Go to Order Entry > Add Order.

Fill in the General Order Information

Click on the "Add Items" green button.

The Inventory window will pop-up, click on "Units". 

On the upper right-hand corner click on the "Build Boxes".

The "Add Mixed Boxes" window will pop-up, fill in the Item Information

In the Breakdown Information grid, use the filters "Product" and/or "Vendor" to start building the box. 

Click on Search.

On the "Bunches to Add" column, enter the quantity that is going to be added and enter the "Price" of the product if needed.

The product selected will then appear on the right side of the grid.

Click on Finish box, and enter the required information

The user may "Delete" the line item if needed under the Actions column. 

Once done building the box, click on the "Finish box" green button.

The order will then be created and the breakdown with a star symbol to notify the product comes with a breakdown. 

Click on the star to show the products within that product line. The next video will walk you through the process.

Remember that:

You can also specify a vendor for the built box from the Allow Building Boxes from Units setting.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations.