Komet Sales provides the ability for vendors to build mixed boxes from presold units directly from the Vendor Portal, as long as the Vendor has been preassigned and the ship date set by the procurement user.


Vendor Instructions

Follow these steps:

Go to Purchase Orders > PO Summary.

 Click on Create New Order button.

 The user will be taken to a new screen to start entering the PO information.

 Select a Ship Date, the vendor can "Add special instructions or comments" if necessary.

 Click on Save. 

 Click on Build from presold units button and select "Add Mixed Boxes" link.

 The Add Item window will pop up, and all product from prebooks in units previously assigned to that vendor, for that ship date will automatically appear in the Breakdown Information section.  

Fill in the "Item Information" sectionenter the ProductMark CodeBoxesBox Type and Unit Type. Please keep in mind that the unit type must be the same as the unit type that was assigned to that product line item within the prebook. 

 Once the information is entered, all the prebook units line items that have that specified "Unit Type" will automatically appear in the Breakdown Information section of this page. 

Enter the Bun and St/Bun for each of the breakdown line items, and press Enter. A "Confirmation" window will pop up informing you if additional items will be added to the Open Market Inventory, click on the "Continue" button. 

 As items are being added they will be displayed on the right hand side of this screen as shown below.

 The vendor may delete the items if needed under the "Actions" column.

 Click on Save.

 A "Confirmation" window with the overall total additional units being purchased for the Open Market Inventory will appear. 

The system will indicate the PO has been created and will display the breakdown as shown below. Please keep in mind that the PO will not be able to be processed by the vendor, as it is created in a Pending Approval status.   

Once the PO is created and the company procurement user has Approved it, the vendor can then confirm the PO and add it onto an AWB. Refer to Confirm PO's for more information.