The procurement user has the ability to build mixed boxes from presold units directly from the Bulk Purchasing screen.

The Sell by Units setting must be active in order to enable this process. Refer to the Sell by Units article for more information. Only Procurement and Admin users can access this feature and Vendors can access this feature as well through the Vendor Portal if given access. For details please review Build Mixed Boxes from Presold Units in Vendor Portal.


Follow the steps below:

Go to Purchase Orders > Add PO.

 Click on multiple POs at a time link.

 Click on The Actions button.

 Select the "Add Mixed Boxes" link as shown in the video below.

 The Add Item window will pop-up, enter the general order information VendorShip Date and Inbound Carrier if it applies. 

On the "Item Information" section, search for the product description for the mixed box on the "Product" field. Enter the Mark Code (optional)Boxes #, Box Type and Unit Type. 

Please keep in mind that the "Unit Type" selected will only allow product line items that match this "Unit Type", display within the  "Breakdown Information" section of the "Add Item" window.

 Use the available filters to search for the Purchase Needs in Units. Notice you can search by Product, Truck Date range, Prebook #, Vendor, and Customer name.

 Enter the Bun, St/Bun, and Cost of the units that are being purchased, and then press "Enter". 

Based on the product pack of each line item a "Confirmation" window will pop-up to confirm over purchased additional units that once received will be added to the Open Market inventory Units, if applicable.  Click on the "Continue" button.

As items are being added a "Breakdown Information" will be displayed on the right-hand-side of the screen showing the line items that will make up the "Mixed box". The user can "Delete" the items if needed as shown in the video below. When canceling a PO, the purchased items will go back to the purchasing needs screen to be sourced from another vendor.

After the purchasing is done, the quantity bought and PO # will be updated within the Prebook order of the product line item. Keep in mind that the PO is created in a "Pending Approval" status, and it still needs to be approved for the Vendor to be able to process it.

Purchase Needs with Notes

The system will not consolidate the Purchase Needs having notes associated even if they have the same information.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Procurement Manager, Procurement User.