From this screen, you can allocate both manually or massively the orders pending to be completed and billed. This article explains how to allocate boxes.

Go to Prebook & SO's>>Prebook Summary.

Click on the Allocations View link. The system will display the Prebook Allocations Summary where the salesperson can find the orders that have not been fulfilled.

 The Billed Boxes column will show the number of boxes billed out of the boxes needed.

 Go to the Actions column and click on Allocate.

 The Available Items window will pop up to show any items similar to those in the order that have not been fulfilled.

 Choose the item and click on Allocate in the Actions column.

Then, select the number of boxes from that particular product. If the price needs updating, the user will be able to do so from this screen. Finally, click on Allocate

 Once done, the system will generate the order. A notification will pop up with the order number.

The user may click on the order number displayed on the message if needed. Note that the original name of the items from the Prebooks has been replaced with the ones selected on the Allocations View. The previous items on the Prebook can be seen by hovering the mouse over the Sub icon next to the item.


  • When manually allocating Prebooks, keep in mind that they will be completed with the available items in the inventory, which means that the actual product that was purchased in order to fulfill the Prebook will be left for open market as soon as it is confirmed from the Staging Area.