Here you will learn to add, edit and change the box dimensions as needed.


Follow these steps:

Go to Setup > Box Dimensions.

Click on the "Add Box Dimension" green button to add new box dimensions.

To Edit or Delete the dimensions of a particular box go to the Actions column and click on Edit or Delete.


Box dimensions are arranged by vendors as dimensions may vary from vendor to vendor. By entering the actual box dimensions the system will be able to accurately display this information (as well as the total cubes) on the Bill of Lading (BOL). This helps control the freight charged by carriers as users will be able to compare the billed cubes by carriers with those calculated by the system.

4. The Add/Edit Box Dimension window will open, here you will be able to set up the Vendor, Category, Box Type, Dimensions, Boxes per Pallet, Factor for Mixed Boxes, the Actual Weight, the Cubes, and the Dimensional Weight. This information will be necessary for AWB reconciliation and accounts Payable processes.

Dimensional Weight

It is the weight that a box is supposed to have according to its dimensions.


Boxes per Pallet:

The system has the option to determine the number of boxes that fit within a pallet based on vendor. With this information, operations will know how many of these boxes will fit on a pallet. This information will be printed on the BOL for Mass Market.

Factor for Mixed Boxes

Please read Factor for Mixed Boxes


Click on the "What's this?" link to find more information on how the system calculates this.

You must be an administrator in order to change these settings.