Komet Sales provides the ability to connect with Axerrio, a floral system used by many vendors so that the sales and purchase process is accelerated and simplified.


This is a paid integration. Contact us for more information at sales@kometsales.com.

How does this option work?

By using some of the available API methods,  you, as a Company that uses Komet Sales, will be able to integrate your Komet account to your vendor's system so your customers and salespeople can place orders in any of the following ways:

  • Create orders in Axerrio: when you or any of your customer place orders directly into Axerrio, the system will automatically create a Prebook in Komet Sales along with the Purchase Order. Once the PO is approved by your procurement team, the system will synchronize the PO information with Axerrio, so your vendor can generate their labels from Axerrio, which you will be able to use as receiving labels in Komet Sales.

  • Create Prebooks in Komet: your sales team creates Prebooks in Komet Sales by specifying the vendor. Axerrio will receive the Prebook details and will use them to create the Purchase Order in Komet linked to the Prebook. Your vendor will be able to generate their Shipping Labels that you will use as receiving labels.


Product Mapping

When Prebooks created based on orders coming from Axerrio have unknown products by Komet, those orders will be highlighted in red, which indicates that the user must map the product manually. For further information on this process read Object Mapping from Prebook Summary.

(lightbulb) Security Level: Admin (token generation process).