Once a product line is confirmed, it can be seen in the  Available Items section. Within this section, you can also see further information as explained in this article. 


Units Sold Details

From the "Actions" column, click on the magnifying glass to open up the Units Sold Details window. Detailed information about the prebook order # and customers who purchased the product will be displayed.

Delete Product Lines

You can also manually update the product units availability within the "Available" column. Within the "Actions" column you can delete an entire product line item that was previously uploaded from a Vendor Availability CSV file, as long as "NO" units have been sold.

Vendor Availability Tags and Product Tags

Once you have assigned tags to some of your products, you can enter them in the Product Tags filter to search for specific products. (Click on the image to see the detail).

Vendor Availability Tags

The VA tags can be assigned to VA products while uploading the CSV file (it's an optional column within the file). These tags allow you to search for all VA products having the assigned tag from several screens within the system.


The Product Rotation Value allows setting the number of days that a Vendor Availability item will be displayed as available to be sold as of "Available From" date. By default we have it set to 5 days, if you wish to change this Product Rotation Value, please contact Komet Sales.