Komet Sales has a wide range of reports that can be generated based on the information required. Even without access to the reports tab, the Sales Team will be able to download the Availability Report, which shows the items in stock (Open Market and Future Sales). This report can be downloaded as a PDF or Excel file.


  1. Go to Order Entry > Order Summary.

  2. Click on the Availability Reports button. 

  3. Choose one of the file options (Excel file or PDF file) for the Product Availability report.

  4. The confirmation window will open. Please select the information that should be displayed on the report by using the following filters:
  • Quantity of boxes: When this filter is selected, you will be able to see the number of boxes available for each product on the selected date (Available On).
  • Sales Price (Price A by Default or Price B if applicable for the selected customer): If the user selects the Grouped report, the system will display the higher price of the items consolidated.
  • Vendor: Only the code of the vendor will be displayed.
  • FOB Price: If this option is enabled, the system will show the FOB price calculating the product price plus the company fuel surcharge regardless of the selected customer.
  • Product Attributes (only available for Excel): By checking this option, the system will display in different columns the category, grade, and variety of the products.
  • Only Sell Fast: If this option is enabled, the system won't display future inventory on the report.
  • Location: It is a filter for multilocation companies.
  • Type (Grouped or Detailed): The Grouped option will display together product lines with the same information (product description, product pack, and unit type), even if the products belong to Future and On Hand inventory.
  • Customer: Input a customer name if you would like to create a personalized report which includes the price applicable for a specific customer on the selected dates (Available On). Please see below Availability Report - Price List by Customer*
  • Filter Aging (only applies for on hand inventory): This option will search for any on hand inventory available which at the date selected on the Available On filter has an aging from the number specified on the Aging From filter to the Date specified on the Aging To filter.


    E.g. The current date is 08/18/2017 and we select this date as the Available On date,  and an aging from 0 to 2, the system will search for on hand inventory that for the current date has a aging from 0 to 2 in the inventory. An aging from 0 to 0 will only search for the on hand inventory with an aging of 0.

  • Available On (Current date by default): When no date is selected, the report will display availability from the date in which it's being requested up to 6 months back. If you want to include Future Inventory, select a future date on this field. If you don't want to include future inventory on the report, select the current date.

Example 1:Only On Hand Inventory

 We want to generate a report that includes only On Hand inventory with an aging from 1 to 5 days by the 08/18/2017 (current date). In this case, we apply the filters as follows: 

The system will display On Hand Inventory with an aging from 1 to 5 by the 08/18/2017 which is not on hold.

Note: for companies that have the Vendor Availability Inventory Age Affected setting enabled, the system will consider the arrival since date (date when products arrived to the warehouse) for displaying On Hand Inventory on the Report.

Example 2:On Hand and Future Inventory

The current date is 08/18/2017. We want to generate a Report that includes both future and On Hand inventory, In this case, we apply the filters as follows:

The Available On date 08/28/2017 will be our start point. The report will include The On Hand Inventory that by the selected date has an aging from 0 to 7 and the Future Inventory, which is available on the 08/28/2017 will also be included.

This is the future inventory which be displayed. To display future inventory on this report, it is important to select a date between the Available From and the Available To dates displayed on Pricing>>Future Inventory. Keep in mind that if the Aging From filter is greater than the Truck Days After from the Future Sales setting, the system will not display Future Sales inventory.

Once printed, the report will include only the future inventory products since there was not on hand inventory with the specified aging for the selected dates.

Example 3: Products with Negative Aging

We want to generate a report which includes the next products with negative aging on the inventory. The current date is 18/28/2018:

In this case, we take the arrival date of the product with the smaller aging (-3) as our reference point since by that date the product will have an aging of 0. The other two products will have an aging of 2, so we apply the filters as follows:

The report will include the three products.

Availability Report - Price List by Customer

An inventory price list can be created based on particular customer settings through the generation of Availability Report, by specifying the customer name on the confirmation box.

Once the customer is selected, all of the customer's details will appear on the report. Based on the customer settings, the prices will appear on the report following these rules:

  • If the Customer has a Price A, Price A will appear on the report.
  • If the Customer has a Price B and has no price list for Open Market or All, price B will appear on the report. If a Master Price List has been set up, the system will display the prices of it.
  • If the Customer has a Price B markup, this Price will be applied to Price A.
  • If the Customer has a Price B with no markup, Price B will appear on the list (except for future sales).
  • If the Customer has a Price B and a Price List for Open Market or All, then the price will be the one from the Price list.
  • If a price list applies, its Season will be determined by the Available On date of the previous filter.
    The following is a PDF  availability report that includes the prices:


Please keep in mind that the system won't take into account products placed on hold for the report. If a product is partially placed on hold, the system will only include unblocked products. This applies both for on hand and future inventory.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Procurement Manager, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations.