Komet Sales allows vendor users to create and manage their availability through the VendorPortal.The vendors should request their Komet Sales provider to activate the Vendor Availability option, for the farm to visualize it on their Grower Portal. 

Add Vendor Availability Products

To add products please follow the steps below

After logging into your account, go to the Vendor Availability taband then to the Available Items tab.

 Click on the green Add Item button.

 A pop-up window will appear. There, you can enter the product information: Product Description, Category, Color, Unit Type, etc... After filling the information requested click on Save.

 You can use the search filters to find the product in the Available Items tab. In this screen, you will see the list of products that were already entered (added).


Please be aware:

  • The product will be available to be sold once a company user completes the mapping of your product with their products and the assigning of Default Product Packs. If these processes had been previously completed, the system will automatically display this product as available in your customer's Komet Sales account.



Manage Vendor Availability Items


Komet Sales allows the managing of products after they have been added. The vendor user will have the option to Delete, Update and see who purchased their products. 


Deleting an Item

To delete a product just go to the Actions column and click on the "Trash" icon. A confirmation pop-up window will appear, click on Continue and the item will be removed. 

The line item showing purchased product cannot be deleted in the system.


Mass Delete

Komet has the option to delete massively the items that have not been sold. Search the lines using the filters on this page. Once you have found the items that you want to remove, click on the Mass Delete button and the system will display a window to confirm the amount of items to delete. Enter the amount, click on Continue and the system will remove the lines that were not sold. For the lines that had items already sold, the system will remove the amount of units that have not been sold and it will maintain the amount of units already sold for that line. 


To activate the Mass Delete option, please contact Komet Sales Support. After activating this option for a specific vendor user, the vendor user will have the Mass Delete button in his Available Items screen.

Updating Items

The Vendor user can update the amount of products that are available. To perform this update just click on the field in the Available column and enter the new amount. The system will save the information automatically.


Units Sold

Authorized   vendor users with can see who has purchased their products and the amount of units that were bought by going to the Actions column and clicking on the "Magnifying Glass" icon. A pop-up window called "Units Sold Details" will appear and detailed information about the purchase will be displayed.



Please be aware that as a Vendor, in the Customer field you will see the name of the customer (company) you're selling the product to and not the final customer the product was sold to.