You can associate hard goods when adding or editing a box type.Every time you add or edit a box type, you have the option to relate hard goods in order to be automatically invoiced during the boxes billing process. For more information about adding or editing box types, please read Adding and Editing Box Types.

Go to Setup > Settings.

 In Inventory section, click on Box Types.

 Click on Add a new box type.

 The Box types window will be displayed. 

 Click on "here" in the Associate Hard Goods option.

 Enter the hard good description and the quantity. Then click on Add.

 Once you do that, the hard good will be associated with the Box type. Click on Associate new Hard Good to continue associating Hard goods, or click on Save to finish.



Remember you can Associate a hard good when editing a box type. To do so, click on Edit in the Actions column for a specify Box Type and follow the above steps from the fifth on down.