The user can assign boxes to a specific rack position by scanning the label of the rack.


Komet allows you print rack labels in order to classify and organize your products into shelves. Please refer to Rack Labels for further information.


To Assign a Rack Position

Follow the steps below:

Login into the scan gun.

 Select option #5 (Update Box Location).

 Scan the Rack Label to assign.

 Scan the Box Code. The counter will display 1 and the box will be assigned to the rack position.

 You can continue scanning boxes which will be assigned to the same rack position. For assigning another rack position, just scan the rack label and the corresponding boxes.

To Update a Rack Position
Notice the next box has a rack position C001. We are going to assign it the position A001.

Login into the scan gun. Select option #5 (Update Box Location).

Scan the rack label to assign. In our case the rack label A001.

 Enter the box code. The box will be assigned to the rack position we entered.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Scanner


Please do not use another option of the scan for these procedures since that could cause discrepancies in the inventory.