Standing Orders have fields for Vendor and Cost. You can leave them blank as they are optional but, in case you want to use the automated process, the information needs to be completed.


 Follow these steps:

Go to Prebooks & SO's > Standing Order Summary.

Use the filters in order to search for the Standing Orders that you want to Edit.

Go to the Actions column and click on the drop-down arrow to select "Edit Vendors and Costs".

The Standing Order Details window will pop-up, enter the "Vendor", set the "Cost" and click on Done.

Remember that:

Even if the cost of a product in a SO can be left blank, the system will not generate a Purchase Order with that product. However, if the cost entered is $0.00 the system will include the SO product on the PO.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Sales, Procurement Manager, Allocations.

You can easily identify which SO's are missing vendor or cost information:

  • If the SO has a yellow warning on the "Comments" columns, it means that the SO is missing the vendor and/or cost information for at least one line item.

  • If the SO has a green check mark on the "Comments" column, it means all of the fields were completed.