Price lists can be assigned to one or multiple customers, in order for the price list to apply they would need to be linked to a customer(s). Once you associate the price list to your customers the system will suggest the price on the screen depending on the type of inventory you selected: Prebook, Standing Orders, Order Entry and E-commerce.

A single customer can have different price lists but keep in mind that the seasons must have different date ranges, and these cannot overlap.

Customer's Tab

Assigning Price Lists to a Customer.

To link a price list to a customer please follow the steps below

Go to Setup > Customers, search for the customer that you want to associate with a particular price list and under the Actions column click on Edit.

 On the tab Price Lists select a price list for a particular type of inventory and save.


The price list will apply only when the Price B is set up as the Default Price in the Customer Account "Advanced" Setup.

Additional Filter on Multilocation Companies

There is an option in the Customer Settings for activating a filter that allows searching for customers with the same main location associated on the Customer Advanced Setup.





Price List tab

To assign the Price List to a specific customer in the Price List tab go to Actions column > Click on Associate Customers.

 A pop-up called "Associate Customers to Price List" will appear. 

Then, select the customers that you want to associate to the Price List. You can select them one by one. Just click on the customer that you want to select and then click on the transfer key pointing towards the Selected Customer field box.

 You can also select them all at once. Click on the key with two arrows that points to the right side and the system will move all the available customers.

To unselect a customer already selected you can use the key with one arrow pointing back to he Available Customers field box, or you can just use the key with two arrows to unselect all of them at once.

Finally, Click on Save and a yellow confirmation pop-up window will appear.