The system allows the warehouse personnel to send shipment information to Armellini, Prime and Florida Beauty via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). 


To do so simply follow these instructions:

Go to "Shipping" > click on "EDI".

 Choose the carrier to whom you will be sending the EDI to.

 In the "Ship Date From" and "Ship Date To" enter the ship date of the products that will be sent via the EDI. (The system will default to the current day.)

 In the "Carrier Date" field, enter the date that will be used as the shipping date for the carrier. (The system will default to the current day.)

 Click on the "Load Shipments" button. The system will load any boxes that have issues on the bottom grid with an explanation of the error (e.g.: missing account code, etc.).

  • The system will show the number of boxes that are ready to be sent. Once these appear, click on the "Send EDI" button.
  • The system will send the EDI for those boxes that are ready and do not have any issues.
  • The user that sends the EDI will receive a confirmation via email (either for successful or failed transactions). The same email will be sent to the users specified in the "Copy Response to" field during the EDI setup.

Users must check the confirmation email from Armellini, Prime or Florida Beauty before the boxes are shipped since it has the corresponding response for this action.


When the orders have a "Ship to" selected, the system will take the "Ship to" information over the customer's information when sending the EDI to Armellini, Prime or Florida Beauty.

Missing Boxes

Keep in mind that if the shipment has boxes with missing information they will not be sent on the EDI. Boxes with this kind of issues will be listed below with their description (Product, customer, vendor, Box Code, order #) and a message with the missing information. Users must correct the information in order to send these boxes via the EDI.


Sending the EDI for Boxes Scanned Only

The system will allow the users to mark the option to send the EDI only for those boxes that have been verified with the scanner gun. This option is available for both Armellini, Prime and Florida Beauty. 

Sending the EDI for other dates

In case the user needs to send the EDI in advance (for example on a Saturday for a Sunday shipment) simply change the "Ship Date From/To" to the ship date of the boxes that need to be sent and set the "Carrier Date" with the date that the boxes are to be shipped via the carrier.

No matter what the status of the boxes are, the EDI will be sent with all the pieces for the correspondent truck and day of service.

Resending the EDI

Users may resend the EDI as many times as it is needed since the system will only transmit the new information. This may happen somewhat often during the holiday's when carriers request to have an early EDI transmission so they can be aware of the volumes the company is planning to ship.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Shipping.