Besides being able to invoice flowers, the system allows users to add additional charges on their invoices such as fuel surcharge, FedEx charges, and any other charge that may be required.


To setup the "Additional Invoice Charges" follow these steps:

Click on the "Setup" tab.

 Click on the "Settings" menu option.

Click on the "Additional Invoice Charges" link

A pop-up window called "Add/Edit Additional Charge" will appear. Click on the "Add a new charge" . Enter the new additional invoice charge name (mandatory). The  "Accounting Code"  (This is for integrations with external accounting system) and Invoice Alias (This name will be printed on the Invoice instead of the real name.) is optional as needed.  

Finally, click on "Save".




Deleting or Inactivating Additional Invoice Charges

Once an additional invoice charge has been used in any transaction, it may not be deleted. Instead, you can inactivate the option by clicking on the "Edit" link under the "Actions" column, and then unchecking the "Active" checkbox.

Locking Additional Charges

Using this feature will allow you to block changes on the additional charge value on any invoice. Only Admin users or Managers will be able to change the amounts on the invoice. 

To lock any of the existing or new charges follow these instructions:

Go to Setup > Settings  under the Order Entry menu select the "Additional Invoice Charges" option.

 Go to the "Actions" column and click "Edit" and check off the "Lock" option. 

 Click on the "Save" green button.