Customer accounts can be added or modified anytime. There is no limit on the number of customer accounts that can be added.



To setup new customers within the system, follow the steps below:

Go to Setup > Customers.

 Click on the green "Add Customer" button.

This page also allows viewing, editing, deleting or inactivating customers, all of this can be done within the Actions column for more information please read Deleting and Deactivating Customers.

 When adding a new customer, Under the "Basictab, the company's general information can be added as well as other information such as the credit limit, payment method, salesperson, payment terms, taxes, etc.


If the tax setting is activated click on Setup link that is next to the check box as shown below, then choose the tax % that is going to be assigned to that customer.

Keep in mind that if the customer has no Ship To's, the shipping address information completed on this section will always be used by default.

To set up more features and setting, read Customer Account "Advanced" Setup.

Customer Notes

(lightbulb) Security Level: Admin users can edit their own notes and delete notes created by other users at any time.

The system allows adding notes everywhere on the system just by clicking on the customer name.


If the note contains words such as credit limit, hold, held cannot be edited.

The system also allows admin user to add notes and make them visible only for certain roles.

Some of the changes made on a customer account are saved as notes and Authorized users can review them by clicking on the customer name and then clicking the Notes tab.

Credit Limit Updating

When the Credit Limit of a customer is modified, the system will send a notification to Sales Managers and Credit Managers. In the case of multilocation companies, the system will only send notifications to users associated to the main location of the customer.