Vendors must be added to the system before company users can start creating Purchase Orders for them. Vendors can also be edited and deactivated as needed.


Each vendor must have a unique vendor code.

Adding a New Vendor:  

To add a new Vendor follow these instructions

Go to Setup > Vendors.

 Click on the green Add Vendor button.

 A new window will pop-up, for the user to enter the Vendor's Information.

 Fill in the Vendor's information and the address.

 Enter the Code, on the field that will be displayed in the inventory (this field is mandatory when integrating purchase orders with cargo agents).

 Make sure the right Port of Origin is chosen as it will be required to calculate the landed cost.

 Enter the Vendor Type based on the goods provided. For example: Fresh Cut, Freight / Handling or Hard Goods, click on Save.

 Enter the MID (Manufacturer Id) and REREGEXP (Export Registration Code) if needed, this is additional information added to each vendor.

Go to the Contacts tab and enter the vendor's information and enable the option "Email POs" so the vendor can receive the POs to their email address and click on Save


To Edit or Delete a Vendor

Go to Setup > Vendors.

 Under the Actions column click on Edit to change information, a new window will pop-up, once the information has been updated click on Save.

 To "Delete" go to the Actions column click on the drop down arrow and select "Delete", a confirmation message will pop-up to confirm the deletion, click on "Yes". 

The vendor will be deleted as long as no transactions have been created using that vendor and if there are transactions, then Vendor can be deactivated instead.