This section of Komet Sales is where the customer's ship to information can be managed. Here you will learn how to add ship to's for a specific customer.

Unable to Edit or Delete a Ship To

When the Manage Ship to's From External System option has been enabled, all users will be restricted from editing or deleting ship to's. notice that the Actions column will not be hidden:


Follow these steps below:

Go to Setup > Customers.

 Click on 'Edit' under the 'Actions' column.

  Under the Ship To's tab, click on "Add a new ship to".

 Fill in the information requested and click on Save. If the user needs to either "Edit" or "Delete" an existing "Ship to", this can be done under the "Actions" column by clicking on the "Edit" option.

Customer list and Ship to's can be exported as an Excel file by clicking on the "Export to Excel" or "Export Ship To's" button.