The system will allow quick viewing of all products that have UPC information for a particular customer. Information can be changed by the salesperson. Also, new products can be associated to the customer and UPC information can be added.

Adding UPC Information

Follow the steps below:

Go to Setup > Customers.

 Select the customer you wish to add the Product UPC information for.

 Under the Actions column click on Edit.

 Go to the Product UPCs tab.

 Click on Add a new Default UPC.

 Fill in the information required for the product and customer specifics, and click on Save.

  • Item Code: The customer's Item Code can be added as needed. This is used for Mass Market accounts and will be printed on the invoice.
  • Item Id: The customer's product Item Id # can be added as needed. This is used for Mass Market accounts and this value will be printed on the invoice.

 Click on Save to finish.

Adding Spec Sheets to Customers

The Spec Sheet for customer's specifics can also be uploaded if needed, by clicking the here link that appears while adding Product UPC information. Once uploaded, click on Done. The spec sheet uploaded will be automatically added to product lines while creating prebooks for the particular customer that has this information associated.

  • The system will only allow uploading one spec sheet to the customer/product combination.
  • If the spec sheet is changed, any products already on Prebooks or Purchase Orders will not be affected and will maintain the information from the original spec sheet uploaded.